By Jennifer Rodrigue

Author, Jeff Means embarks on a fast-paced conspiracy-driven adventure in his new book, Entity of Origin.

Jeff, your latest book uses both first and third person narrative. Can you give us a glimpse into your writing style?

Sure. I love first person point of view and excel at writing in that POV. I believe it’s a true form of the craft because first person is where I live my life - no narrator telling me how I’m feeling or what’s happening around me. I think first person, at least from the protagonist side, makes the story a more thrilling read since the character is clueless as to what’s about to happen next - like myself in my own life!

Jeff, what drew you to write stories about conspiracies?

Rumors always seem to have some basis in truth. It’s so evident in today’s academic circles when it comes to observational science. I’m having a field day with all the lies, misconceptions and outright frauds committed by these groups, organizations and individuals. Sometimes I go to bed wondering if what I’m writing might be true in some form.

How do you come up with your plot and characters?

My imagination. You know, this book was completed years ago…in my head. Laying it out in words was the hard part. I see the whole novel as a movie, fast paced, feats of daring, and yes, I threw in a little romance. Have you seen the film, “Taken” with Liam Neeson? I watched it five times and took notes. That movie is a rollercoaster ride, and that’s how I want my creative pacing to turn out in my writing. I want my readers to need safety belts when they dig into a Jeff Means novel.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?

Research, research, and more research. Bottom line, I’ve spent two years researching and three-and-a-half years writing this novel while I continued my research. The first draft was completed a year ago, and I have five rewrites under my belt since then. The story is so much stronger now, and I’m about to really blow this book open by throwing several respected organizations under the bus. It’s going to be really embarrassing to them and to our own Fed Government - quite frankly, they’re going to be ticked! The American taxpayer will be up in arms. Why? Because the United States does have a state run religion! The publisher who buys this book better have a lead stomach. Oh yeah, I’ve always been a rebel.

Can you give us a peak into the research required for this book?

A ton of reading, painstaking Internet searches, plus subject matter expert interviews. I love the research part, especially if I’m passionate about the subject. I found old and forgotten ancient texts that just blew my mind!

What was your biggest obstacle in writing and how did you overcome it?

Typing with two fingers! I know, I’m old-school and still need to look at the keyboard and tap away with both index fingers. I just recently incorporated my right thumb into the process to wack the space bar, so I guess you can say I’ve overcome. I take pride that I’m the fastest two-finger typer in the world! You should hear me write. I peck and wack at the board with such force I think my neighbors can hear the noise.

What conspiracy adventure is Jeff Means writing next?

Well, I’m planning a trilogy, and the other books are plotted in my mind. I’m calling it, “The Origin Series”.

Thanks for sharing Jeff! I Iook forward to seeing your book on the shelves of my local
Barnes and Noble in what I hope will the be the very near future.


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