Entity of Origin will appeal to millions around the world who are interested in, or just plain curious about biblical creation. The book will also have significant cross-over appeal due to the controversial subject matter that appeals to the main stream reader who enjoys conspiracy novels such as The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown.
Creation and modern science are elements that are interpreted and debated by fictional characters in this novel. While the author believes in a biblical creation, he uses action and dialogue, good vs. evil to defend creation, and challenge the evolution theory. However, the reader must explore these character’s viewpoints and come to their own interpretations. The plot has interaction between several key characters, which includes romance and contains a theme that explores and uplifts the theory of a world created by God. The author’s voice is fresh and incorporates mainstream story telling while incorporating a plausible argument.

The book's premise centers on one of the most famous biblical relics that has yet to be found. What makes the story unique is that it sets the foundation for a powerful emotional reader experience tied to a conspiracy. Entity of Origin is a timely book that will have mass appeal worldwide - Bill Crouse - President of Christian Information Ministries, past editor of The Ararat Report and current editor of the Rapid Response Report

Entity of Origin is easily Jeff Mean's break-through novel. The story allows the reader to escape his or her day-to-day life and experience and adventure of a lifetime. – Lindsay Murdock, Editor.


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